Mystery sweeping the grave.

And I’m sleeping in my cave.

Thundering on thunder

Never ever dare to ponder.

Threatening the Sun not to rise in dark.

Rain running so fast in streets

Looking for a human ear

Whom rain could narrate the mystery

Wetting the street with her drops

Pleading the sleeping world to wake.

A stupid boy she found wandering.

Walking fearlessly in dark in His dream.

Why does his dreams walk there?

Why does his sleep wake there?

In the dark snoaring a mystery.

Days are those when the boy studies chemistry.

Rain drops fall from heaven

Dressing In the clothes of a maven.

Wet leaves lying dead on rainy street and

Dry ones dancing loudly in the tune of wind.




Something invictus in those eyes

Like the flowing blue of ocean

Like the sleeping black of sky.

Something calm in that smile.

Like the floating ice at the hills.

Like the beautiful wings of a fly.

Words walking on her lips.

Smile talking on her chicks.

Something fragrant in the hair.

Like the freshness of green.

Like the wetness in the rain.

Legs seem always in hurry.

Arms seem always in fury.

She Rises in the street at dusk

Riding her white juggernaut.

Air start playing with the hair.

Waiting her to come out of cave

Signalling me to pose a smile.

But Angry air turns to Wind

And Silences my voice before SUNBLIND.




Wind resting on her Window

Who once began from a meadow.

On her terrace sitting a fly

Who landed direct from the sky.

Sky of that cloudy night

On Stars claiming their right.

A Cloud waiting for rain

Thinking of her in his brain.

Darkness there eating the light

Making the moon little more bright.

Blue of heaven sleeping.

Dryness in leaves peeping.

A little boy cycling in street.

Cold where falling in sleet.

White then come out of home

After finishing her tome.

Threatnening the clouds to go away.

Rain goes back inside the cloud.

Wind blows cloud far away.

Sun smiling on this happening

Dressing in yellow in his gown.

That’s the story of an evening

In my city, In my town.



World hidden in the cloud

Sun is shining in the crowd

A cloud dressed in white

Looking for a pink colored kite

Kite who often come up in the dusk

A known fragrance it brings of the husk

World below knows nothing of sky

To share the story, comes below a fly

Who moves in silence of the street

Dressed in the clothes of the sleet

Searching for the home of kite

Keeping her childish desire wite

Fly return back very early

Without even seeing the karly

Calmness sitting silently in her mind.

In the dark and wet streets of sunblind.


My Little Living imagination

Making my house in your eyes

I just want to settle there

Changing the leaves with your hair

I just want to sleep under their shadow

Circles in your eyes visualise me

The diverging rinkles in the water

Fragrance of your clothes visualise me

The freshness of drops on green

Your walk is similar to the wind

That enhances my pace every evening

Your words look like the birds

Who fly over my head every morning

You look at me like the

Sun wakes me up from my window

Your voice when come out of lips

Presenting me the rise of moon in black sky

But you are not a mortal human

Not even a cute little girl

You are a daughter of nature

A living imagination in my vision

Who secretly breathe in my shadow.


Rain who come from heaven


Wetness breathing on the green

And dryness sitting on the blue

Rain left her home in sky

To live in the mortal house

A pigeon she once found flying

A star she once found crying

Their crush was once on her drops.

Remembering her kiths in heaven

Rain crying loudly in the dark.

Birds now flying away from her drops.

Stars now hiding in back of clouds

Clouds laughing loudly on rain’s plight

Wind still believes rain was right.

For humans,weather is nice in its kind.

In the silent streets of sunblind.




Peace I found in my shadow there.

Losing my heart in the streets where

I once would wander in the dark.

Assuming the road as a lonely park.

Riding a young hope on my eyes.

Believing in my stupid heart’s white lies.

That Thy will come there some day.

That Thy will come there my way.

Stars will wake that whole night.

To see what would happen in my story.

Clouds will roar on her window.

To bring her off on the roof.

Debating with the rains

What would happen next.

Sun couldn’t find permission

To come and support me.

Birds’ crowd flying over my head

Carrying HIS message not to be afraid.

Wind pushing me to move ahead

And face her on the wet streets

I’ve been waiting there for her glimpse

Crossed mosque and graveyard many times.

And still Walking on the streets of SUNBLIND.